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Digimundo Series Web Spaces (information in English)

(1) Title: Prospective abracadabra, prospective magic trick: Possible and desirable visions about our social future
Description: The social future can also be modeled. Our present plans and actions also impact positively or negatively on our social future. Let's not leave our social future solely in the hands of the spontaneous interaction of economic agents and political actors.
Web address: http://abracadabraprospectivo.blogspot.com/

(2) Title: Contributions to a renewed social structure
Description: The international crisis puts on the table the major problems of our time: poverty, inequality between countries and people, speculation, corruption, influence peddling and illegal tolls, climate change, drug trafficking, crimes of every type, etc. Certainly money is the major distributor of resources, and -without doubt- today we use it very badly. We must replace the current physical money for digital money, representative telematic money.
Web address: http://sociedadtelematica.blogspot.com/

(3) Title: Let's support the Joan Bardina Study
Description: The problems that humanity face nowadays are so complex and of such magnitude that they discourage anyone. The constructive forces and society itself have tried various solutions to reduce the impact of financial bubbles, poverty and indigence, drug trafficking, smuggling and specially arms trafficking, corruption, bribes and bribery, fraud, speculation, the so-called common crimes (thefts, rapine, outbursts), and so on. Although we must acknowledge that there has been some progress and occasionally some battles were won, in general the results are still very few; a sign that our focus, maneuvers and strategies haven't worked properly. And then… What shall be done? How to change the situation? It is very likely that the solutions could happen more easily if we radically change our social-financial structure of coexistence, and this change could be the timely proposal made by Agustí Chalaux: Replacing the current money system for telematic currency.
Web address: http://dinerotelematico.blogcindario.com/

(4) Title: Social astrolabe: Digital presentations and publications of interest
Description: Today the Internet and the digital outputs (books, presentations, music, short articles, news, videos, etc.) have become increasingly popular and, to some extent, displacing concerts, conferences, traditional publications, performances, etc. Obviously we must welcome all these new media, without denying the traditional ventures, which materialized into another form are also introducing a very interesting social dimension.
Web address: http://astrolabiosocial.blogspot.com/

(5) Title: Centre d’Estudis Joan Bardina: Catalan entity which you will increasingly hear about
Description: Will 2009 hopefully be the year of the great change? Time will tell; time is the great judge. But if telematic money has a future and Agustí Chalaux’s ideas have consistency and can be implemented in a reasonably short time, don’t be the last to know.
Web address: http://bardina2009.blogspot.com/

(6) Title: Telematic economy at the international scenery
Description: The economy increasingly relies on telematics and this undoubtedly brings benefits but also adds problems and challenges. Stock and speculative bubbles are not the inevitable price we must pay for this progress; in fact, they exist because they are allowed by the system. And the international market is not simply an annex or appendix to the various national markets or some large domestic market, but itself is a substantially different market, with fewer economic actors and also with operational standards distinct from those applied in the various national levels. Therefore, the international economy needs and deserves its own currency.
Web address: http://economotronica.blogspot.com/

(7) Title: Monetary imperialism of the United States of America
Description: Analysis on the possible uses of the telematic money on national and international economies. Through the so-called Bretton Woods agreements, the U.S. has imposed its own national currency as an international currency. And certainly this is an abuse and an injustice. And certainly this mainly damages the emerging economies. And certainly this greatly benefits the U.S. economy.
Web address: http://monetarismo.ngblogs.com.uy/

(8) Title: Forum on telematic money
Description: Open forum for the dialectical analysis of the lights and shadows of this new financial tool we call telematic currency. Telematic money has a radical transformation potential of our coexistence relationships.
Web address: http://dinerotelematico.blogspot.com/

(9) Title: Virtual World Social Forum (FSVM, in Spanish)
Description: Strategies for the 21st century: Social sensitivity and social realism... social sensitivity and social realism, and a good dose of common sense... that's what's been missing in this world for too long…
Web address: http://fsvmsiglo21.blogspot.com/

(10) Title: Carlos J. Cúdita Group and Cúdita Cyber Library
Description: Virtual space for the presentation and coordination of weblogs and websites of the Digimundo Series.
Web address: http://grupocudita.blogspot.com/

(11) Title: Ideas and thoughts for the 21st century
Description: The newborn century will certainly be very different in terms of paradigms and survival strategies, and this web space aims to provide an open forum to exchange ideas and proposals. With this practice, we aim to better understand the near future, better imagine the neat future.
Web address: http://siglo21ideas.blogspot.com/

(12) Title: Imagining the social future from the Southern Cross: Let's shape our future together
Description: ¿Puede usted predecir lo que vendrá? ¿Tiene usted la bola de cristal? Can anyone predict what’s coming next? Have you looked into your crystal ball? Let us unite in the devising of a possible and desirable society, and mark a path that points to that new reality. That way we will see the miracle of the self-fulfilling prophecy.
Web address: http://cudita2009.blogspot.com/

(13) Title: Amateur literature
Description: Literature is not just a hobby that you can adhere to as a reader or writer, but a very important tool of thought, reflection, and action.
Web address: http://digi-literator.blogspot.com/

(14) Title: Literature for lovers
Description: Lovers of good literature manifest themselves as diligent readers of works by enshrined writers, and also as writers of their own literary documents. This is the path followed by the administrator of this site, who embodies here his literary achievements, as well as his thoughts on various topics of present interest.
Web address: http://digiliterator.blogspot.com/

(15) Title: Minutes out: Legal and legislative revolution
Description: Important changes should be introduced in the legislature and the administration of justice, to adapt our socio-institutional organization to the use of telematic money. Agustí Chalaux’s ideas open up and enlarge. We soon will see the digital contract and an accelerated judicial procedure regarding the observance of legal evidence.
Web address: http://minutosafuera.blogspot.com/

(16) Title: We need to create a telematic bancor
Description: Economist Lord John Maynard Keynes' ideas are still fully valid. Project Bancor, by this prominent thinker of the 20th century, conveniently masked with the proper telematic tools, could be the solution we need for a better economic and financial system worldwide.
Web address: http://bancortelematico.wordpress.com/

(17) Title: Prospective medley: Imagining and building a viable and desirable social future
Description: The human race itself is the master of its fate, but obviously to be successful, it is not a question of being opposed to each other and arguing with each other. We must agree on a possible and desirable social project, and then, all together we must act accordingly.
Web address: http://patapufateprospectivo.blogspot.com/

(18) Title: J C Anselmi's Profile, Digimundo Series web spaces administrator
Description: General data: Studies, teaching, work experience, publications, research, family, etc.
Web address: http://jcanselmielissalde.spaces.live.com/

(19) Title: Prospective miscellaneous: A new socio-cultural concept, a new social organization
Description: Our society no longer stands the contradictions and atrocities that occur daily. We must rethink our social structure.
Web address: http://popurriprospectivo.blogspot.com/

(20) Title: Reflections and tips on compumatics
Description: Today it is imperative to be a trained computer user, at risk of being delayed in this telematic 21st century society. This website offers short courses and information of interest to computer users, and here are some papers questioning and analyzing this new social structure that makes intensive use of data-processing devices.
Web address: http://compu-osfera.blogspot.com/

(21) Title: Luck and wisdom Barack Hussein Obama
Description: An African American president has been elected to take the White House chair. This arouses hope and dispels uncertainty. Luck and wisdom in managing your term, Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama.
Web address: http://presidentebarack.blogspot.com/

(22) Title: Ink and paper, ink and paper and blotting paper
Description: Space for the exchange and debate for amateur writers, not professional writers, amateur analysts and independent thinkers.
Web address: http://tintaypapelysecante.blogspot.com/

(23) Title: Prospective surprise: A fair and supportive world is also possible
Description: True, I could tell you many success stories of people who have dedicated their lives to social assistance and tried to leave us a better world. Let’s do a tribute to them all in the person of Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 – November 7, 1995) admirable woman who recently gained popularity for being Barack Hussein Obama’s mother. I humbly bow to all these examples of life. Though the goals put forward by them subjugate me, I am not willing to walk along a similar path. As an engineer, I want to act with much greater efficiency and impact.
Web address: http://trinitraqueprospectivo.blogspot.com/

(24) Title: Prospective ringing: Visions of a better, fairer, more caring and more equitable world
Description: The future can also be modeled. The future can also be built. The future is the result of individual decisions and the mobilizing paradigms of the present time. The future is in our hands.
Web address: http://triquitracaprospectivo.blogspot.com/

(25) Title: And indeed, the Joan Bardina Center can change our lives
Description: Quite obviously, Agustí Chalaux's original social project has a very good inherent potential; if implemented, it could induce a very appropriate social and financial order in our society. This could possibly change our lives, and this could substantively amend our existence.
Web address: http://bardina.bloguez.com/

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